Friday, February 27, 2009

Traffic Signal Personalities!

I proudly say that i do follow the traffic rules and do stop at all Traffic Signals even if it is the wee hours of the morning or late in the night. Did i mention i also wait behind the zebra crossing?

During the self-righteous act of virtue, i have come across a lot of different personalities and their behaviors.

I-believe-in-time-wrap: When the signal counter shows 20 seconds or so pending. Most folks have their engines turned except these species. They start honking and honking a lot. Is that really going make the counter move any faster? or have you Mr Einstein discovered that honking loud ( in turn make everyone deaf) can actually make time wrap or will it cause the signal counter to become zero?

Another behavior exhibited by these species is to keep accelerating the engine. Thats the other way to make time fly.

There-is-no-signal: Remember the famous dialogue "There is no spoon " from the Matrix. These species apply the same funda to traffic signals. There are no signals. People standing here are just a bunch of idiots. Come; stand; look around for cops; zoom past.

Left-turn-is-always-free: Another species believe that the left-turn/U-turns is always free to take. They will honk and honk until all standing in their way are forced to take the turn.

Sleeping-Beauty: This species is the entire opposite of the first one. They occupy the first or second rows . Even when the signal turns green, these folks are looking in some other direction or talking on the mobile and are completely unaware that standing at a signal doesn't mean that time has stood still.

What-are-lanes?: These species don't believe in the concept of lanes just like the "There is no Signal" species. Standing in the right lane, i can cut across to the left. Standing in the centre lane, i can take the right lane suddenly and obviously glare at everyone honking.

What are indicators?: A sub-species of the above, don't believe in showing indicators and just take the lane/turn they want to . This is true especially for women and such.

I feel, we need indicators just to say we are going straight.

What are zebra-crossing?: Another non-believers are these species. They move their vehicle way beyond the zebra crossing or on it itself . Its not a white-stripes-on-black-road for show or to beatify the city.

The last
When-the-signal-turns-from-green-to-yellow-zoom past: These species believe that once the signal turns yellow from green, its means raise your accelerator and zoom past. If its car, then try to zoom past; get stuck in the middle; while the other signal starts; look like an idiot; while the other species from above think what am idiot.

Wait, is the signal yellow or orange? I will never know... i just zoom past! :)


Indrani said...

Lol... an awesome insight :)

Pari said...

Totally agree with the "what are zebra crossing" species.
Just feel like thrashing them...everytime I cross the road.

Interesing blog I must say :)