Friday, July 01, 2005

The Whole IT-India Fiasco

We , all hear about the India is going to be a leader in IT and Stuff . Its economy is going to shine and things like .!!! Lets get some things straight !!
India is leading in BPO or ITES ( IT enabled services) . Here US /UK companies are outsourcing their businesses .
Considering from Comp/IT/Software Engineers what does this mean ???
Nothing , They mostly need people in testing and related areas .
Its like while building a structure , they are the architects and u r the masons .
We max get to give color of our choice to the room...or select type of windows .
Mostly test the strength and structure of the building.

Well Not much of R&D , involved is it now ???

When it comes to using our brains , scope is limited !!!!

But there are still some companies that r into R&D but very less.....

So related people should open their eyes ..... US needs labors and we r providing them.

When it comes to Economy , yes India is fourth after US , China And Japan in GDP
India is shining but not everywhere !!!

Our gap between cities and villages are growing . We have a lot of potential but are not harnessing it .
If the village-city , rich -poor gap starts reducing and awareness starts growing only then is there a way for India to rise on its own and not because somebody needs Cheap Labor .

Firstly education system needs a major change .
Private Engg colleges charge 30,000 to 40000/- Rps p.a Who can afford that ? Not That the quality is very good !!!!

How can an average Indian Afford so much fees ??
We need a socialistic approach towards education not Capitalistic !!
Nowadays Educational Institutes are just behind earning money and thats it !!
We have wrong attitudes at wrong places !!
Let me tell u that reservations is not an answer just worsens the problem .
How do will solve the problem ?
Colleges say Govt Subsidy/ Funds are insufficient . Govt says
That they r now focusing on primary education in villages . "Babudom" rules and all the money goes into their pockets .
They use this money to pay for their childrens' education who r going to these same colleges by giving donations !!!

What a viscious circle it is, isnt it ?
How do Break the circle ???
I believe we the new generation have the potential .
Remember "Swades" . If all such engineers could help building a dam ( solve some problem voluntarily ) , we could achieve something . It may not be to a very great extent but eventually it could lead to something great .