Friday, March 28, 2008

Always Breathe deeply !!!

Life is a circle. Whatever goes around comes back.
There is no use of anger in this life or any other.
Anger only spoils things.
Always be peaceful. Be in peace with yourself and others.
Always sort things out peacefully.
Keep your mind cool and calm.

Always Breathe Deeply !!

Whenever you feel angry, take a deep breath and realize it is not going to solve any problems.
Forget your past. Forget the bitter things.
Always look ahead. Always look towards the future.

Always Breathe Deeply !!

The past is behind us. Forget it. But remember the leasons learnt and move ahead.
People may do foolish things and so may you.
Forgive yourself first and then others.
People may hurt you and so may have you.

Forgive yourself first and then others.
Look at yourself first and then others.

But Remember, Always Breathe Deeply !!

Don't regret things that have always happened.
Everything happens for a reason.
You will find the reason for every foolish thing you do.
That reason is always good.

Everything happens for the good.
If you think otherwise, its just your perpective.

Life is a party, enjoy it till it lasts.
And It won't last forever.

But Always Breathe Deeply !!