Monday, April 27, 2009

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Friday, April 24, 2009

See the Trees By William Lambert

(A very good mail fwd)

I lived in Alabama on a half-acre lot blessed huge oak trees that were 40 feet in diameter. They were HUGE! The house was laid out such that every bedroom faced the backyard. Each bedroom had a large picture window. The view was breathtaking. I enjoyed just looking at the trees. In the fall I would identify a particular leaf that was falling and watched it for what seemed liked 5 minutes before it fell to earth.

One day I invited this married couple over to enjoy the view from the bedroom window. I took them into the bedroom and excitedly pointed to the trees out of the window and exclaimed, "just look"!

After about 20 seconds there was no comment from the couple. I however, noticed a big frown on the woman's face.

I said, "What's wrong". She was reluctant to reply.

I insisted and again said, "What's wrong?"

She relented and said, "Don't you see those fingerprints on the glass?"

I turned and looked and there were what seemed to be fifty or more fingerprints on the glass. I ran for the Windex to clean the glass. The lady "Oh, I didn't mean for you to clean it now."

The morale here is this. That lady never saw the trees. Even when I tried to point them out, She missed it! I didn't see the fingerprints. I was looking through the glass not at it.

When the fingerprints were pointed out to me, I saw them and removed them. The lady never saw the trees. She focused on the fingerprints and she never got passed them.

Life is much like that. There are things in life that are good and things that are bad. You choose which things you want to focus on. I focus on the trees.

What are you focusing on?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What do some ads really mean?

1. Set Max's ad for IPL-2. "Kabhi sau crore logon ko ek saath ek hi cheez karte dekha hain?". ( Have you seen 100 crore ppl do something together at the same time?)
I am pretty sure 100 crore ppl (or even more) do empty their bowels at 0632 daily, and No i haven't seen them and i don't plan to !

2. Unwanted -72 : We have Bollywood starlet Tanaaz Currim in this ad, who realizes that she didn't have protection while "doing it". She regrets doing it and now she needs a contraceptive to fix the problem. Besides her a sitting a real idiot (probably her real life husband) with a face saying that i-wanna-crap-i-dunno-what-the-heck-the-lady-is-talking -about.
After seeing the sad excuse for an ad couple of times; it struck me that she is regretting sleeping with this guy more than not using protection and surely doesn't want him to father her kids.

3. The New Bournvita Ad : I heard that Sania Mirza had allegedly faked her age while playing on the domestic circuit. She has allegedly been eighteen for a lot of years.
Now, of course we know the secret. In the Bournvita ad, in one scene Sania Mirza first drinks Bournvita then the camera pans towards her mother and when it pans back... Voila! Sania Mirza is a small girl. Hence everytime she reached 18; she drank bournvita and she became small again.
How come we (normal people) never got this Bournvita ??
Well, she was their guinea pig all these years. Now that they have realized that works; we see the ad.

4. The New TataSky Ad:
TataSky's package scheme/rates are quite bad. Sport channels cost extra . ZoomTV extra. and so on
Seen the new TataSky ad, where Mr. Aamir Khan is dressed as a sardar gives away his own TataSky set-top box to a random person on the road (and surprisingly only person on the road). The first time i saw the ad, the television was mute.
I exclaimed, "Wow, Tata sky themselves have realized how pathetic their Package schemes are that they themselves are encouraging people to ditch the set-top boxes !".

On that note, yes! their packages are pathetic and they are a bunch of cheapskates. I have to pay extra for Star Sports/ESPN; even more for Neo Sports and Ten Sports !! WTF am i going to do with DVD-like/real-life-like quality when half the channels are missing ??

5. The Airtel Ad:
Airtel's network coverage in the city i live in is pathetic. Most of the times the network range low or very low. I am "out of coverage area/mobile switched off", even if i am at work !
The new Airtel ad shows a cute little kid calling his dad from a fake phone. Airtel says in the end that "People believe that they are close to loved ones who are far away and Airtel enables people to believe so !" .
Well unfortunately due its poor network coverage at many places (esp my work place), I only have to believe that i am close to my loved ones coz i can't call anyone anyways and no one can call me !

6. The Airtel DTH Service Ad:
In the new Airtel DTH Ad, every room the house owner enters he sees some one there. Even while watching TV at his own home, he surrounded by people and he is cramped.
Does it mean that when one gets Airtel's DTH service in their house, they will be cramped for space ??

7. The new series of Vodafone Ads:
Now Vodafone ( or Hutch or BPL or Essar) have realized that their network being pathetic all over India; surely it is not going to follow you wherever you go. Even if the pug does (after being bribed) their network can't/won't. Even if one goes to a remote village you will find a lot of dogs following you but not their network. Hence they got rid of the dog.

Now their new campaign focuses on costly services which 99.8% of the population don't give rat's ass about.