Monday, April 21, 2008

Things that truly refresh !

What are things that can really refresh me ??

  1. Drive to work. Early Morning.Open/Empty Roads. 20kms of pure refreshment
  2. Fresh Coffee
  3. A Hard Workout
  4. Spending some quality time with Leena
  5. Travelling By Bus ( Discovered of late) Pune-Nashik journey through Asiad Buses Surprising??? I am surprised myself :)
  6. Eating some really great food !
  7. Mindless babble with friends
  8. Watching classic movies like Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca etc
  9. This may sound stupid. It surely does. Watching these two videos
If you Come Today by RajKumar

And Love me or Hate me again By Rajkumar

Monday ( 14th April 2008) was a Great Day

Exactly a week ago. This seemed to be quite auspicious. A lot of good news came.
Leena got a good posting Covelix. She will be joining as a Market Research Analyst. This is something she is really excited about and really looking forward. This was the first news of the day.

A few hours later, Ankita gave some good news. Her US trip is finally officially approved. She is surely very excited about it. Its really great. She will be mostly in Beaverton . I am sure she will have a great time.

Post lunch, my long lost ( and found again) Pal Sudeep pinged me. He is all excited about his job at MINT, A finanicial Newspaper based in New Delhi.
It was really turning out to be great day with great day. To make it even better, I got the news that ISL folks are shifting from Ozone to Hinjewadi. This reduces my travelling to half. Although most of the folks aren't happy, I am joyous !

To top it all up. You Telecom provided me with Broadband Internet at home. They were quite quick in their service. Now I can take all my late calls from home.

This was one of those days, that had a lot of good news! We wish for many more such days !! Hurray!