Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well This is the first blog , I am writing out of my new laptop the Lenovo ThinkPad T60p which I got from IBM.
Its a “Intel Core Duo”, indicating two processors ( for the uninitiated) working at 2.16 Ghz with 2 giges of RAM . Its comes packed with a ATI graphics card (256 MB mem) , Bluetooth enabled , Wi-fi support , Infrared port and Dual Layer DVD Burner.
To top it up , there’s a 100GB SATA Hard Disk Drive.

All have to people reading this is BURN BURN BURN !

Review: ThinkPad T60p


“Scream for me Bangalore !! Scream for me Bangalore “, the voice echoed across Palace Grounds on Saturday 17th March. 25000 + responded. This was the power of Bruce Dickinson. This was the power of Iron Maiden.

Fans here were waiting for such a thing to happen. It was a short concert (90 min) but something we will remember for a lifetime. Bruce’s energy , the amazing backdrops and ofcourse Iron Maiden.

The show started with an amateur band , winners of Campus Rock Idol which failed to impress the crowd. Parikrama came on next . They had a completely original set. They churned out some amazing numbers . Here the crowd was introduced to Imran , violinist. The jugalbandi of Imran with Parikrama got a lot of applause from the crowd.

Next on Stage was Lauren Harris (Steve Harris’s daughter supposedly) . Her band had two male guitarists and one female drummer. She is supposedly , upcoming act or band to watchout out for.

She thoroughly failed to impress. Her vocals were totally out of sync with the rest of the band. The guitarists were top notch , but Only One thing I can say about her is that even Britney Spears is better.

By the time this band finished , we could here only one anthem “Maiden, Maiden”.

In about half an hours time Iron Maiden were on the stage. They started with a couple of numbers from their brand new album ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ . This started setting the mood . They churned out a mix of classics and new ones like ‘The Number of the Beast’ , ‘Run to the Hills’ , ‘Trooper’ ,’Iron Maiden’ along with which the crowd was headbanging. With numbers like ‘Fear of the Dark’,’Hallowed be thy Name’ , we felt we were truly in the presence of the Metal Gods.

The backdrops changed depending on the album , which was truly amazing visual experience. Then there was Eddy! The props used were also great. We had a big tank appearing out of nowhere and Eddy popping out of it ,seeing through a binocular. Another Avatar of Eddy appeared as a Policeman .

So Overall , the crowd was treated to some amazing out of this world experience which none of would forget in our lifetimes. Iron Maiden did promise to come back in less than 17 months.

Till then there will only one voice in our heads,...... ”Scream for me Bangalore

Official Report: From THE HINDU