Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ayodhya .......?

Well , another Bomb blast in India . This time it occurs at the place where the whole nation (BJP , Advani , RSS etc) is fighting to build temple Of the Great Lord Ram.

BJP blames the Cong . Cong blames the Mulayam Singh Govt and it goes on . What they forget to appreciate is that the CRPF(hope i am right) actually managed to avert the attack .

A great round of applausble !! They suceeded in kiling all the terrorists .

Where is their momemt of glory ! snatched by the constant bickering between BJP , Cong etc.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was right when he said that BJP was playing cheap politics.
The politicians go on to hog the limelight .
All the BJP leaders want to go the Ayodhya . Why do they want to do that ,now ??
Are they going to help in the investigation ? NO ,by far .
They just disrupt the investigation process . How ?? When they arrive , special security has to be given to them . The Human Resource wasted in providing security , were actually solving the case !!!!

A point to note : Kudos to the people of Ayodhya for acting very calmly and not causing any sort of chaos .

Then BJP goes on to call a nationwide strike . Has the BJP ever realised( when in power or not)
how much loss the Nation suffers just due to one day's strike ?
Even just shutting down Mumbai for half a day will cause the nation to lose something in crores .

What does going strike do ?
Not only does it weaken the economy but it also weakens the strength in the people giving terrorist outfits more encouragement .
Take the London Blasts for example. The people were shakened but nobody went on strike .
The next day all of them went to work with more strength and devotion , showcasing that they are not weak , not beaten but more encouraged .

Shouldn' t the BJP take a leaf of their book !!
We should work with twice the zeal , twice the motivation and twice the determination.