Friday, July 01, 2005

The Whole IT-India Fiasco

We , all hear about the India is going to be a leader in IT and Stuff . Its economy is going to shine and things like .!!! Lets get some things straight !!
India is leading in BPO or ITES ( IT enabled services) . Here US /UK companies are outsourcing their businesses .
Considering from Comp/IT/Software Engineers what does this mean ???
Nothing , They mostly need people in testing and related areas .
Its like while building a structure , they are the architects and u r the masons .
We max get to give color of our choice to the room...or select type of windows .
Mostly test the strength and structure of the building.

Well Not much of R&D , involved is it now ???

When it comes to using our brains , scope is limited !!!!

But there are still some companies that r into R&D but very less.....

So related people should open their eyes ..... US needs labors and we r providing them.

When it comes to Economy , yes India is fourth after US , China And Japan in GDP
India is shining but not everywhere !!!

Our gap between cities and villages are growing . We have a lot of potential but are not harnessing it .
If the village-city , rich -poor gap starts reducing and awareness starts growing only then is there a way for India to rise on its own and not because somebody needs Cheap Labor .

Firstly education system needs a major change .
Private Engg colleges charge 30,000 to 40000/- Rps p.a Who can afford that ? Not That the quality is very good !!!!

How can an average Indian Afford so much fees ??
We need a socialistic approach towards education not Capitalistic !!
Nowadays Educational Institutes are just behind earning money and thats it !!
We have wrong attitudes at wrong places !!
Let me tell u that reservations is not an answer just worsens the problem .
How do will solve the problem ?
Colleges say Govt Subsidy/ Funds are insufficient . Govt says
That they r now focusing on primary education in villages . "Babudom" rules and all the money goes into their pockets .
They use this money to pay for their childrens' education who r going to these same colleges by giving donations !!!

What a viscious circle it is, isnt it ?
How do Break the circle ???
I believe we the new generation have the potential .
Remember "Swades" . If all such engineers could help building a dam ( solve some problem voluntarily ) , we could achieve something . It may not be to a very great extent but eventually it could lead to something great .


Salil said...

One can't ignore the fact that BPOs and ITES have brought in lakhs of jobs. More jobs = more consumer power = rise in purchasing power & standard of living = growth of economy.

As regards education, IMHO, there should be no subsidies for higher education esp. for the IITs/IIMs. Higher education is expensive throughout the globe, its comparatively cheaper in India! As for affording, education loans are easily available which can easily be paid off as a job after a professional course is almost guaranteed. Why should the common man's income tax go for paying the fees of a well-off kid's IIT education? The money should be diverted to primary education instead, and higher education left alone.

Hari Rajan said...

In the end, it all comes down to population. It is too much! Every major problem that we have stems from this.