Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An Update for Oct 2008!

So no blogs in sometime. Thought i'd write about something. But i can't think of anything in particular.
Here are some updates in general :

  • Planned a trek in December to Dalhousie
  • Started using Twitter actively
  • Enjoyed a trip to Goa in Diwali
  • Improved my car driving skills
  • Product Release Done...so jobless
  • Improved Pool playing skills (have a pool table at work)
  • F1 season over ! Nothing else worth seeing on TV except Friends and Seinfeld re-runs
  • Haven't watched a movie for more than a month except re-runs of No Entry, Malamaal Weekly, Bhagan Bhag, Guru on TV
  • Saw a bunch flats...planning to buy one
  • Listened to every Tom,Dick and Harry's opinion about Economic Crisis, recession, stock market crash, real estate bubble bursting etc
Yeah thats all i can think of for now!

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