Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is the right time to change your job!

For all those in two minds about changing their jobs, this is the right time ! Don't think twice go for it .

Why is now a good time ? The U.S markets are not recovering. With recent bad news coming from both Lehmann Brothers and Merrill lynch, things are probably set to get worse. Although, not all sectors are affected yet. The fall in the US markets could very well trigger a chain reaction across all sectors and markets. In the coming 4-6 months things might just go from bad to worse. Companies will limit their spending . Hiring will freeze. Bargaining for a good pay packet will be tough.
Even if people are get a chance to switch jobs, the salary rise will not be as high as the usual (30-50 %) .

So, make up your mind now!

Have a great Day!

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Sripathi said...

Are you not neglecting another factor? If the economy gets worse enough that jobs start getting cut in India, new-joinees are more vulnerable than seasoned ones.

Ganesh Jaju said...

Honestly speaking, I don't agree.

All factors that contribute to economy always follow a cycle. This cycle consists on negative and positive spikes. But, in the end, ECONOMY is the one which slowly and gradually evolves and moves ahead.

1) Indian Stock Exchange had reached to 21K and now with the recent developments people are fearing that the market would come down to 12k.

But slowly and gradually the economy will stabilize. This stabilizing process always takes along time.

2) Take real estate. The current rates in Mumbai are same as those in 1980!

What do all these things indicate?

Chirag said...


What you say is true for probably service based companies but not for product based companies.

Chirag said...


Well, in the long term the economy will become stable surely.
Also Stock market is not an indicator of the economy anyways.
Yes, India's economy is strong, but due to its dependence on the US for IT services and FDI..chances of a negative spike is highly likely.
So probably, what i say stands true for the short term.

Again, everything is speculation. You can never be sure of anything.

Ganesh Jaju said...

Your comments are based on present modal of the ways things are handled.

But, with such twists, economy always finds new ways to sustain itself.

Although negative spikes may not be more, the damage caused by them is more. I agree that, it is difficult to recover from negative spikes.

anu said...

The safest bet for a job change would be to go into healthcare management post-MBA (from my viewpoint)... healthcare's one of the few fields which hasn't (and prolly won't) suffer.