Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Economic Naturalist !

Currently I am reading The Economic Naturalist by Robert H Frank . This book teaches some of the most basic economic principles in a very unique narrative way. The author claims that any learning from a narrative ( type of story telling with real life examples) is very effective. This is very truly the case.
He shows how economics works in everyday life with examples in the form of questions and answers.

Here are some of the questions:
  • Why do female models earn so much more than male models?
  • Why might retailers deliberately hammer dents into their own appliances?
  • Why do the keypad buttons of drive-up cash machines have Braille dots?
  • Why are child safety seats required in cars but not in airplanes?
  • Why is there a light in your refrigerator but not in your freezer?
Each of this has an economic angle to it.

I am sure after reading this, you'll surely head to pick up the book.

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The Shaolin said...

Read the sample chapter of this book. Sounds very engaging. Thanks for sharing, I'll get my hands on this soon :)