Friday, February 23, 2007


Long back I read a book Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts . It follows the life of a convict escaped from Australia living in the slums of Mumbai. Living there he sets up a free clinic. He also joins to Mumbai mafia , gets involved into smuggling , drugs etc. He also forges passports. He works in Movies . He helps agents get find actors. He also joins the Mujahudeens in Afghanistan .
He has a mentor Khader Bhai . The conversations between the two is food for thought . The philosophy behind this story is great. The descriptions of characters and pace of this semi autobiography is really good. It gives peek into Mumbai, life in the slums and mafia there.

All in all , the characters described and their stories are surreal. Worth a read to find out different ways of life people lead.

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Invictus said...

I thought it dragged a lot. I mean bits like the Arthur Road Prison and the stay in the slum were really good but then they'd be those long winded conversations with kader Bhai that really went no where.

You might want to try A million Little Pieces by James Frey I think you'd like the book