Sunday, July 17, 2005

WISE and not so WISE

I just finished reading WISE and other WISE by Sudha Murthy . It is just a bunch of simple stories written by the aforementioned during her travel through various parts of India .

Some of the stories tell us that people are the lower end of the society have a right attitude towards life than people who are the upper end !!
Why is this so ? But it is very true . I know people who have come from the worst situations , struggled a lot and have achieved great things than people whose condition was not all that bad and suprisingly still the same .
What do some people have that others lack?
The most important thing which i would say is positive approach towards life !!
Dont get me wrong u have to be a realist , but with a positive attitude .
I , myself was a victim of this negativism until i was shone the light !
Being positive not only helps u but the others who work for . It brings a whole new energy in you .
Once you taste success , u will never want to quit (atleast in my case) . We keep on trying more and more to maintain what we have and to achieve more .
Once , we start trying ofcourse we will make mistakes .
As I see it , there are two phases to mistakes in life :
1> Realising that we ought to change
2> Then actually changing .

Some people like never realise or never want to realise that they are wrong why ?
Egotistical attidude ofcourse !!
It really kills !
Even after realising that we are doing something wrong , people find it difficult to change !
Ofcourse it is a one day's job !
It takes time , a lot of time ! It is a struggle and there is lot of pain but at the end believe me it is worth it !
What i have learnt is that the ONLY THING PERMANENT IN LIFE IS CHANGE ! If we dont change explicitly we are changing implicitly .
The former is under control , while the latter is the devil .

People always say life is unfair . Ofcourse it is unfair , it is in our hands to make it fair !!
And only we can make it fair !
There is no blame .

Life itself teaches a us lot of lessons from which we can learn . This learning is based on experience which no self help book , no study book etc which teach .

Last but not the least one of the most important leasons in life :- Believe in yourself .

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